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This page is the entry point to two data sets obtained from the N.O.A.A.--- world wide temperature and world wide precipitation data. The source of these two data sets is GHCN (Global Historical Climatology Network) V2. If you need further information about the data set, please visit N.O.A.A. web site and drill down to this link. Please note that N.O.A.A. has developed a policy under WMO Resolution 40 in regard to the term of use for commercial, domestic, and international users. If you need to get further details from our old archive and the raw data obtained from N.O.A.A. prior to the data re-packaging, please visit this link.

Some details about the data units:
Temperature is in Celsuis. Precipitation data is in tenths of mm (i.e., divide by 10 to get millimeters).
Location of a monitoring station is recorded in longitude/latitude. For longitude, negative values are used for locations in western hemisphere. For latitude, negative values are used for location in southern hemisphere. In addition, the elevation of a station is reported in meters.

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